Peru Earthquake Wiki
  • This site has been initiated by the Peru Earthquake Aid Committee (UK 2007).
  • We invite similar groups and committees in other countries to join with us in developing this website.
  • The approach of these pages is intended to be educational.
  • The objective of these pages is to provide a means for Peruvians, Peruvianists, friends of Peru - wherever they happen to live in the world - to contribute, directly to the development of education (materials, study sessions, etc) relevant to themes listed below, and indirectly to a successful reconstruction of the earthquake zones
  • Themes: please add suggestions for topics/threads to the list on page Peru_Earthquake_2007of the wikia scratchpad (our joint- thinking tool!)
  • Initial themes: Human and cultural heritage of Chincha, Cañete, Pisco, Ica and affected highland zones; History of Peru focusing on major earthquakes and tsunami (sea-quakes); (ADD . . . . )
  • The ownership of the site is "all of us".(Technically a GNU Commons copyright)